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Save Time, Reduce Effort and Grow Your Business with eCommerce Integration

Why Integrate Your eCommerce and ERP Systems?

JCurve SIS (System Integration Services) saves your business significant time and effort by cutting down rekeying between systems and manual, repetitive tasks. Start doing more without adding headcount and set your business up for fast, scalable growth.

The enterprise-level integration platform powering JCurve SIS is now accessible to businesses of all sizes. The end-to-end integration process between your eCommerce and NetSuite or JCurve ERP systems has been streamlined to get you up and running faster.

Save Time

Re-entering orders from your eCommerce platform into your ERP system is a time-consuming task for your team. It can also slow down processing of customer orders and add complexity to the process.

JCurve SIS creates an integrated eCommerce to ERP pathway that saves your company significant time.

Reduce Effort

As your business grows, so can your manual processes, taking more effort to maintain. Manually rekeying information between systems can also result in data entry errors, costing additional effort to resolve.

eCommerce integration reduces the repetitive, manual work so you can focus on revenue-generating opportunities.

Grow Your Business

Companies focused on growth can quickly reach a tipping point. Staff requirements to manage manual processing and rekeying can increase faster than you’re able to hire.

Set your business up for scalable growth. Let an eCommerce integration support the increased activity from your web store, without continually adding headcount.

Integrate your eCommerce platform with your NetSuite or JCurve ERP account to save time, reduce effort and be poised for scalable growth

Process more transactions faster and without adding headcount.

Bring your systems together and leverage single-source data.

Maximise your investment in your all-in-one ERP system.

Eliminate manual data errors and rekeying mistakes.

The Framework for Success

Curve SIS acts as a base connector between your eCommerce website and your NetSuite or JCurve ERP account. It’s powered by Jitterbit – a leading, global integration platform.

Jitterbit provides an enterprise-level integration framework, made accessible to businesses of all sizes. The Jitterbit-powered integration platform handles multiple connections to your ERP system simultaneously to manage more than one eCommerce site.

JCurve SIS delivers real-time synchronisation and updates including:

  • Order synchronisation between your eCommerce site and ERP system
  • Product updates from ERP to eCommerce site
  • Order fulfilment status from ERP to eCommerce site
  • Inventory updates from ERP to eCommerce site

Work Smarter with JCurve SIS

The JCurve SIS framework delivers eCommerce integration that drives the customer experience and supports your business growth.

With JCurve SIS, you can:

  • Process more orders faster without adding headcount
  • Improve the customer experience with quicker response to orders
  • Reduce cart abandonment by providing live pricing and availability
  • Gain a single view of customer activity within your ERP system
  • Streamline business operations and gain efficiency
  • Eliminate order entry and rekeying errors
  • Save your team time and effort by reducing manual processing
  • Maintain data accuracy throughout the order to receipt process
  • Put your business in a position for fast, scalable growth

Why Work with JCurve Solutions?

Curve Solutions (ASX:JCS) is the #1 NetSuite 5-Star partner globally by number of customers and the exclusive provider of the small business edition of NetSuite, JCurve ERP.

JCS has completed over 600 cloud ERP implementations – see the customer success stories to learn more.

JCurve Solutions has worked closely with Jitterbit to bring enterprise-level eCommerce integration to businesses of all sizes. The experienced, Australian-led team at JCS will help you maximise value from your ERP system and get running with your eCommerce integration faster.

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