‘Cocooning’ Trend Drives Growth for Local NetSuite Customers

Over the past months, online shopping has skyrocketed. Online sales were up 41% in April, compared to last year, and the postal service saw up to two million parcels processed per day for weeks.

 This shift in consumer buying habits has meant people are turning online to search and shop instead of visiting physical stores. So just what exactly have Australians been buying? With restrictions keeping many people at home more than usual, many have re-invigorated a passion for decorating, maintaining, and improving their homes.

Around one-third of Australians have taken up additional DIY projects since lockdown and are investing in other items for the home, like furniture, linens or even extra entertainment and sporting equipment.

While many are starting to return to work and kids back to school, ‘cocooning’ is expected to stay – at least until we hit the warmer months. Limitations on gatherings and travel, as well as long-lasting WFH arrangements, mean Australians will be spending plenty of time at home and looking to make it as cosy as possible.